29 February 2008

The Attack?

Why does orchids die?.. after dsecting a pot of spathoglottis, done by S_anuar from http://oapm.proboards52.com/index.cgi? revelas that the mealy bus deep insde the pot is causing the plant dying.

The treatment?

Well he is applying neem oil bought at http://bgreenfertilizer.googlepages.com/tipmenanamorkiddimalaysia for the treatment.

The results?

Need to wait few weeks to be known

White traces on the roots


White traces found on the pot

Mealybusg - the white bugs!

26 February 2008

Bulbophyllum meduse

Well, here are some photo on bulbophyllum meduse plant, See the psudobulb, What is the best media to growthis bulbophllum?

Well, some people is using perlite mix, (see this http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5435) and some will tied it on a tree bark. Mine?,... hemm still diffcult to maintain the growth on a piece of wood bark. Perhaps to try on perlite and some mix of paddy husks.

Picture courtesy of khairimd.

12 February 2008

Orchids in Langkawi

Orchids in Langkawi - near sea side!

A walk along the Pantai Cenang of Langakwi Island, up north of Malaysia, reveals some orchids, which barely survive along the sea side, merely a few meters away from the sea level.

2 species of bulbophylum were found:
Yet another small bulbophylum found togther:

Orchids in Langkawi

My trip to Langkawi Island, North of Malaysia, sometimes in December 2006, allows me to explore the orchids on the island. On top of Gunung Mat Cincang, where it accesible using the cable car, few species of orchids were found at the height of almost 708 meters.

Among of the species found are:

06 February 2008


another work to do!...