15 March 2017

Bulbophyllum anceps

Saiz bunga lebihkurang 1.5cm. Taburannya dijumpai di Borneo dengan ketinggian dari aras laut 300meter.

Found in Borneo at elevations of sealevel to 300 meters as a small sized, hot growing epiphyte with 1.2 to 2.4" [3 to 6 cm] between each distinct, ellipsoid to orbicular, sunklen apically pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, elliptic to elliptic-oblong, , rounded leaf that blooms in the summer on a patent to somewhat pendulous, peduncle 2.6 to 4.4" [6.5 to 11 cm] long, elongated, lax, 3.6 to 8.8" [9 to 22 cm] long, 2 to 5 flowered inflorescence with acute floral bracts.

It benefits from being mounted on sticks or treefern.

Bulbophyllum. anceps

Bulb. anceps

21 February 2017

Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum

Habitat asal dari Indonesia. Tumbuh dilereng gunubg berapi di ketinggian 200 hingga 700m dari aras laut.

27 February 2012

Orchids in Sg Chilling

Orchids in Sg Chilling

While walking along the Chilling River, in Kuala Kubu Baharu, this commonly found orchids is quite abundant and easily available.

Sg Chilling is located at this East 101 45.05' North 03 35.71'

The Chiling Falls are of many beautiful waterfalls of Selangor. They can be reached after an adventurous trek along the river, which has to be crossed many times. To reach the trail head, you take the road from Kuala Kubu Baru to the Gap. After passing the Selangor Dam, you cross the bridge on the Chiling river. Just after this bridge you can park you car. Just follow the road for about 100 meter, the trail head is clearly indicated. Soon after you will arrive an open field beside the river, with some buildings and a campsite, maintained by the Fisheries department.

18 October 2009

Eria and bulbophyllum vaginatum

Another bulbophyllum and eria, blooms in my garden.

another bulbopyhllum...

26 March 2008

Bulbophyllum biflorum

Bulbophyllum biflorum

Found this orchids in Camera Highlands, being sold by Orang Asli.Normally found on tree trunks in shady forest between 700 meter up to 1000 meter. A
miniature sized, warm to hot growing epiphytic species with ovate, strongly 4 angled, yellow pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, erect, thin, oblong, apically blunt, shortly petiolate leaves that blooms on a basal, thin, wiry, semi-pendulous, 2 3/4" to 4.1" [7 to 11 cm] long, 2 flowered inflorescence carrying scented flowers.

pictures courtesy of S_annuar from http://oapm.proboards52.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=orchids&thread=1206520522&page=1

24 March 2008

Bulbophyllum pileatum

Bulbophyllum pileatum...

An epiphytic species normally found up to 1000 meters in mountain of Borneo, but in Malaysia, normally found from sea-level up to 200 meters. In on of the state in Malaysia, Johore, this species is widely found in swamp forest. The flower is single with normal size about 3 cm with dull yellow.

pictures courtesy of

Rosli's http://www.flickr.com/photos/81654003@N00/149595509/